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What the H3LL is that SMELL?

You’re getting ready to put your house on the market.  You’ve spent weeks cleaning and decluttering, maybe painting and staging too.  Your Realtor has coached you on how to have the best showing and the first call comes in that a buyer wants to see your house. 


How exciting!!  Right??  Don’t forget to make sure the house is smelling as inviting as your pictures online are looking.  This seems like a no-brainer, but we all tend to go “nose-blind” as some might say to our own surroundings.  


Be sure you have taken out any stinky garbage, or cleaned out the kitty box, or that you haven’t just finished a salmon dinner.  Before you think, “Hey, no problem, I will just light a few candles or spray air freshener”, remember this: Anything with too heavy a perfume scent may come across as a cover up, or make the smell worse.


Smell is very powerful and can keep someone from even stepping into your home to fully view it if they are turned off by it.  This has actually happened with me taking buyers out. The most inviting smell is one that isn’t overly obvious and is just clean.  


For more ideas on how to keep your home smelling as great as it looks while on the market, make the right move and call, text, or email me... Dani Carpenter.

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