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Who Pays for What?

You know the awkward moment at the end of a date when the bill is delivered to the table, and each party is wondering if the other party is picking up the tab?  That is a moment you should never have to experience at the closing table at the end of a real estate transaction.


Your Realtor should be able to walk through all of the expenses you will likely pay to get your home sold.  In fact, this should be done prior to listing the house on the market.  Ask your agent to provide you with an estimated “Seller’s Net Sheet” based on the price you will be listing your property for.  Then be sure you get an updated net sheet, which reflects the terms of your offer, when you receive one. 


The one thing you will need to do for your Realtor is get a mortgage pay-off amount from your mortgage company if one is still owing.  Using an amount on a past statement may not be accurate, so it is best to call the mortgage company and request a payoff amount.  Also, if there are any liens on the property such as a home-equity line of credit, you will want to let your Realtor know about those as well.


Your Real Estate Agent will be able to provide an estimated Seller’s Net based on the numbers that you provide from the pay off amounts and the terms of your sale.  Please note that this will be just an estimate, as your escrow officer or closer will be the one to prepare the actual final numbers.  


While the escrow officer may have slightly different final numbers than your agent calculated in their estimated sheet, it should be fairly similar and help to keep from having that awkward feeling - and any unpleasant surprises.  


So, make the right move and call, text, or email me... Dani Carpenter, for more information about the typical costs of a seller.

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