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How to Find a Realtor

As Serious as Finding your Soul Mate?  Maybe!



So you have decided you want to buy or sell a home and you don’t already have a Realtor.

How do you find the best person for the job?


Since you are reading this on my Blog/Website, I might assume that you have already found your Realtor; however, if you still have hesitations, read on….


I cannot stress enough the importance of choosing your Realtor wisely.  This is a huge transaction.  For most people buying or selling a home is one of the biggest transactions they will be involved in during their lifetime.  Do some research.  


Check for a positive track record.  You can get recommendations from friends, family and coworkers.  Ask who they have used and if it was a good experience.  Not all Realtors are created equally!! 


Look for online reviews.  With the internet, a simple Google search should pull up reviews for Realtors.  If you get names from friends, family or coworkers, still do a Google search to read reviews and see what others are saying.  


Look for Designations.  Why?  Those titles and letters behind someone’s name represent hours of educational classes and qualifications.  They can give some insight into specific areas of specialization, which could be very valuable for you in terms of hiring an expert in their field.


Ask them for a marketing plan.  They may not be willing to share all of their resources and plans with you until you have officially entered into a listing or buyer’s representation agreement, but you will know if they have a plan, or if they are “just winging it”.  Just winging it would be a no go if you are wanting a real pro.


Last but certainly not least, do not choose solely on price. There are so many horror stories out there to illustrate the point here, but value isn’t always determined by the price of the product.  Have you ever purposefully paid more for a product because you know you will save money in the long run instead of replacing a cheaper version multiple times?   A good Realtor will save you money and headache.  Choose on qualifications and track record for the best chance of a happy outcome.


So, make the right move and call, text, or email me... Dani Carpenter, for more information about how I can help you through the selling process.

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