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Signing and Closing

When and How Do I Get My Money?!


Finally, the day is here.  The buyer’s loan documents are waiting at the escrow office, and you have an appointment to sign your sale documents to complete your real estate transaction, but how do you get your money, and when do you get it?


That is a great question.  The escrow agent or myself will call you to set up your signing appointment.  At this time, you will want to ask about which utilities are being paid out of the proceeds of the sale, so you can terminate any other accounts from your name, which are not handled by escrow.  This allows the buyer to put all of the utilities into their own name once the transaction is final. 


Also, you will want to be sure you bring your ID with you, along with your bank account information if you would like the escrow agent to wire funds into your account.  Having the funds wired into your account will be the fastest way to get your money.  It is usually the same day or the next day, but that depends on when your signing occurs.  Wire cut-off times are usually around 2:00pm, so if your transaction funds are released after the wire cut-off time, the money may not show up in your account until the follow business day. 


If you are not wanting to have money wired, you can also pick up a check from the escrow agent, or have it mailed to you.

Congratulations!!  You are officially on your way to the next chapter.

So, make the right move and call, text, or email me... Dani Carpenter, for more information about the closing process for sellers.

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