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Staging and Cleaning

All Dressed Up and Some Place to Go


Once you decide you are ready to sell and have chosen your Realtor, the next step to selling your home will be staging and cleaning.  It’s like this: you wouldn’t go on a first date without taking a shower, would you?


For your market debut, it is the same way!  You want your house looking and smelling her very best for her big date on the market as she is looking for her new owners.  The cheapest thing you can do is clean, clean, clean, clean, clean….you get my point!  Also, you will want to declutter almost to the point of looking sparse.  Get some boxes and start packing away items that you don’t use on a daily basis.  


Your Realtor should be able to give you advice on how to maximize your floor plan and really make your space “pop”, along with a list of helpful service providers to help make the process less daunting.  During this phase, the house is being transformed into a product which will be appealing to the biggest audience.  This is one area where expertise will really pay off.


So, make the right move and call, text, or email me... Dani Carpenter, for more information about staging and cleaning.

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