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What is a Net Sheet?

Look for a Gold Digger!


When you are getting ready to list your house for sale, besides knowing how much to price your home for, you’ll also need to get a break down of all of the expenses associated with a real estate sale in Washington State or Idaho.


Those expenses include pro-rated property taxes, utilities costs, Realtor’s fees, Recording Fees, Title and Escrow Fees, possibly State Excise Tax, Doc prep fees, etc.  This is an important step prior to putting your house on the market so that you are prepared.  Most of the fees will be paid out of the sale proceeds of your house rather than out of pocket.  That being said, you will want to know what will be in your pocket at the end of the day.  


Another time the net sheet should be calculated will be when an offer is received.  Your agent should do this for you in order to help you make the best decision for either signing the offer as written, making a counter offer, or rejecting the offer.  Sometimes selling a property isn’t about making the most money for the sale, but everyone likes to have a clear picture before getting themselves into a situation they didn’t expect.  Be sure you are getting the information you need.  I have heard horror stories from seller’s who had agents that didn’t calculate net sheets, and they took an offer which stuck them in an awful position of having to pay money at closing in order to sell the house.  That is the difference between being a professional Realtor, or being hungry for a commission check.  Be sure your Realtor is digging for Gold for you, putting your best interests first, and not just digging for their next check.


You will be sure you are getting that kind of care when you are working with us.  You will always be informed with the best estimates on net sheets and have detailed explanations of all the steps along the way to the closing table.  


So, make the right move and call, text, or email me... Dani Carpenter, for more information about the net sheet.

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