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Election 2020

Flag on a Barn
An Old Barn in the Palouse

Finally we are at the Eve of Election Day. I am so ready to put the political ads behind us. It has been a year like no other. We are all seemingly holding our breath as we await the results of tomorrow’s ballot counts.

While driving out in the Palouse, I came across this scene of an American Flag, hanging from an old battered barn in the middle of the field. It struck me as meaningful in a profound way for 2020. Our country has been a bit battered this year by Covid-19. Families are stretched thin with working at home, schooling at home, so much uncertainty, and almost daily changes in protocols and mandates.

Yet here we are putting one foot in front of the other and getting through this. We all have a unique perspective. We all have our opinions on what should be done, how things should be done, and who should be in charge to handle the challenges ahead.

One thing I feel is getting lost in all of the noise, is the importance of remembering that before we are democrats or republicans, we are all humans. We all want to be heard, valued, and we all think we are right…..but what is right for one person isn’t always right for the next. I am wondering if we all spent less effort on proving how right we are, and spent a little more effort trying to see another point of view, would that bring some unity? Kindness matters, right?

My hope is that in the upcoming months and moving forward we can all start focusing more on what we all have in common, rather than our differences. That is a place where I feel we will be more like that old barn in the Palouse. Although battered, the imperfections create beauty and the Glory of the Flag, and the strength of our nation will shine.


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